Wednesday, 3 January 2018

OUT NOW!! Barricade Bulletin #5 from Derry Anarchists!

OUT NOW!! Barricade Bulletin #5 from Derry Anarchists is now available online and in hard copy format at selected venues locally in Derry and from members. Make sure you pick up your copy! 

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Anarchists March for Justice on Bloody Sunday

Anarchists in Derry will once again be taking part in the annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice 2018 which takes place on Sunday 28th January in Derry.

This years theme marks the the 50th anniversary of RUC’s brutal response to the NICRA (Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association) on Duke Street in Derry march back in 1968 which is widely regarded as what launched us into decades of violent conflict. In recognition of this historic event the theme of this years Bloody Sunday Commemorative events has been titled “We Shall Overcome”.

As anarchists we call for all those who are interested in the struggle for social justice to participate in the events planned throughout the week leading up to the actual Bloody Sunday 'March for Justice'. To stand in solidarity with the courage and dignity of all of those Bloody Sunday families who march for justice, who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest around the world.


We are pleased to announce that following on from last years successful first ever Radical Bookfair in Derry that we will begin plans to hold our second annual Radical Bookfair in 2018.

Following on from this years event held during the Bloody Sunday week of events we have had continuous support and encouragement to make the Radical Bookfair an annual event as part of the political calendar of Derry. Our first Radical Bookfair played host to many participants from all over Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales played part of the Bloody Sunday week of events leading up to the annual Bloody Sunday March, which itself hosted a series discussions and debates, film and theatre that centred around a wide range of local, national and international contemporary social justice issues.

As ever we would like to extend our hand to participants again to the Radical Bookfair with different visions, ideas, practices and radical traditions. Again we hope that our second annual book fair will be used as an opening in support of small press publishers and independent book sellers and producers, circulating radical reading materials and information from independent distributers, non-party political campaigns and groups to share their publications and merchandise, which normally would be hard or impossible to find at mainstream book shops. Books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, marxism, republicanism and environmentalism.

It is worth noting that Derry has a long and proud tradition of working class radicalism which has influenced many historical events, standing out beyond most other cities that has both challenged and changed society around us for the better.

Further details of the 2nd Annual Derry Radical Bookfair will be shared here as we organise closer to January 2018.

Derry New Years Eve Solidarity with Palestine

Activists across the country today held a 'National New Year's Eve vigil' around Ireland in a gesture of solidarity with the people of Palestine in their ongoing quest for freedom and justice.
Community and non-aligned activists, trade unions, political groups, antifascists, anarchists and members of the IWW took part in this national day of action in an effort to highlight recent developments in Palestine and to encourage further solidarity actions to be taken as we enter yet another year of terror and occupation.
In Dublin activists gathered on Ha’penny Bridge, in Galway a solidarity action was held at Eyre Square, in Sligo activists gathered on Hyde Bridge, while in Limerick activists gathered on Thomas Street and Derry activists too gathered on the city's Peace Bridge holding banners and Palestinan flags to highlight the continued oppression of the people of Palestine.

Discussion: Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee

IWOC-talk.jpgThe Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) launched back in 2016 with branches in Wales, Scotland and England having been inspired by fellow workers in the US, organising in solidarity with incarcerated workers since 2014.
The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is a revolutionary union founded in 1905 that has a rich and proud history of workplace organising and international solidarity. The IWW recognises that prisoners are on the frontline of wage/prison slavery, capitalist exploitation and the State’s war on the working class. This is why IWOC started to support prisoners to organise & fight back against prison slavery and the prison system itself.
IWOC is also fighting against prison expansion and the increased capitalist exploitation of prison labour, as well as against IPP sentences (i.e. “imprisonment for public protection” generally for indeterminate length) and other forms of injustice in the prison system. Read more about us here.
This talk by IWOC activists will look at their work and intentions of building resistance to prisons drawing on the experience of recent prison strikes in the US.
This event will take place during the annual Derry Radical Bookfair in the main hall at 2pm.